Updating glasses, stuck at DP Firmware Update, getting error "The device is not connected, please connect the glasses"

Purchased these brand new. Followed the instructions in the box by scanning the QR code. Got taken to this website:

Attempted to update the firmware using Windows 11 and Microsoft Chrome but got the error on Step 4 “There was a problem during the update. Please refresh the page and start over from Step 2.”

Attempted this again using Google Chrome and got the same error.

Switched to my MacBook M1 running MacOS 13.0.1 and was able to complete step 4 using Microsoft Edge. Step 5 I get the error “The device is not connected, please connect the glasses”

Here is what I see: https://u.cubeupload.com/Redditguy/Screenshot20221209at.png

Anyone have any ideas? I have refreshed and tried again but get the same error each time.

Could you please tell me how you connected the glass to your PC or Mac?