Updating older Dev Kit

Is there any advices how could I update my older Nreal system (Dec 25 2019) with Nreal System Version SDM845-202005181633-379 and Glasses Firmware HD3_V1.3.3.20200604_disp.REL ? I tried these: Slack but it did not seem to work.

Could you please provide moro info help us to help you? 1. A full logcat log including all your operation. 2. A simplify your explanation of the operation and your exception of the goal. 1. A full logcat log (including all your actions) and a brief description of your actions and what you expects to achieve.

Similar issue, but even more basic. I got one of the first dev kits. Never offered to update. Is there a way to trigger an update or update the bin myself using ODEN? Ta!

You could try contact aftersales since glasses probably are too old (dev kit?) . I did and they where willing to change them into newer. It would however cost me more than 100$ to send the old back so I rather save it for a newer release when glasses gets available in Norway and fov improves a lot. Seems to be too early to make money on developing apps. So far I’ve spend all too much with no return…

Hmm. well its worth a try to see what they say.

Do you know the email for aftersales?

Here is the email address: after_sales@nreal.ai

thanks! Next step for me is to do a proper test and generate a logcat. Fingers crossed.