USA Market - Do we need Nreal Dev Kit now that Nreal Light is available in the USA

hello all, this is specific to USA - I am sure this question may be asked before, but since the Nreal Light glasses are available in the USA from Verizon, I wonder if we need to purchase Nreal Dev Kit to build apps., or will the Nreal Light and a compatible Android/Samsung phone will suffice. Nreal Dev Kit price seems steep for PoC/PILOT development/evaluations - appreciate advise especially for USA region. Thank you. regards, Vinod

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@XREAL-dev pl answer this when you get a chance as we are getting ready to start to feel the platform and need the setup - thank you

The answer would be no, you don’t need a devkit to develop apps for NReal.

Like you said, you can test it normally in a phone. You can even test in the editor using their simulator.

Hi, sorry for answering lately. Just like what Fareplay said, you can just use a compatible phone to do the test.