Use DRM Source in Overlay-VideoPlayer in NRSDK for Unity Android 1.8.0 Release Experimental


I’ve been trying to play protected content provided in sample code but I’ve been struggling for making it work. I’m using Unity version 2021.3.2f1 on Apple Silicon with Nreal Air. My target device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ running on Android 11. NRSDK is imported in a brand new Unity empty 3D Core project.

When I set “Use DRM Source” to “true” or load protected content by clicking on the appropriate button in the scene, the player goes fullscreen, and shows signs of freezed and encrypted content.

Can you help me troubleshooting this?

Here are my player settings:

Write Permission (External)

Write Permission (External)

It does not fix the issue unfortunately

Here’s recent logcats:

Hi developer. Please try to click here before playing the DRM video.

Thanks @XREAL-dev, this menu item is not in version 1.8.0 but in 1.9.1. I’ve finally made it work ! But on another device (oppo Find X3 pro), the android player crashed on the note 10+ because it’s an exynos.

Glad to hear that you made it work. And as you said, Exynos is incompatible with our glass except Exynos 2100. So please try to test your app on compatible phones. Thanks