Use of QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission

@XREAL-dev Google will restrict use of the permission QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES. But the Nreal SDK sets this permission.
For what this permission is needed? Can we remove this permission?

Best Regards
Starshell from Holo Games

Hi, developer. Thank you for using Nreal SDK. NRSDK V1.8.0 has removed the permission, please use the latest version.

Hi, could you tell me how to fix this without updating the SDK?, is there an alternative manifest permission that we can use?.

Sorry but I’m afraid no. The only recommended solution is to update SDK.

Could you perhaps let me know how QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES was used?. Perhaps I could appeal Google’s rejection of the app. In their rejection email they say:

  • If your app is using any SDKs requiring the use of the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission, provide SDK documentation (in the form of a screenshot or an accessible link) describing the use case for each of the SDKs using the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission

The Android 11 requires the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES then SDK can have the permission to go through all the package names, so we used this request to go through all the packages to find the corresponding server. We don’t have the screenshot or link to show the mechanism of QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES. Sorry about it.