Using a browser or DEX in MR. Phone compatibility in the US

I’ve been obsessed with the Nreal headset for a little over a week now. I’ve watched countless videos, but I keep getting conflicting reports. My goal is to load up a series of browser windows in MR and then to be able to work off Basically I code all day, and want to get off my ass and walk around the monitor in MR space, while dictating the code. Right now I have an s21 ultra from t-mobile, the model number is SM-G998U. I see a couple of variations of this model number listed where the last character is different? Also being that my phone is on t-mobile and I’m buying the device for Verison (though I see it for sale for cheaper form korea on ebay), will nebula allow me to use a browser in MR? I’d maybe like to develop my own apps too, but right now I’m just focused on using it for work.

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I am unable to record in Nebula’s MR space so I can’t really show you how it looks, but codeanywhere seems to work in Nebula’s web browser.

I don’t own a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse so I couldn’t test if you interact with it.

My phone is the Asus ROG 3 and I’m using the Korean nReal glasses.

Also tested it with FarePlay’s web browser and it works fine too.

This one I can record :stuck_out_tongue:

Omg that looks awesome. Do you think the text/code is readable? I’m ordering the Korean nGlass right now. I’m also curious if things like webRTC and Web Sockets work in Nebula’s browser or FarePlay? .

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The text is very clear actually. Plus you have the option to increase the screen size and zoom in to make the font bigger if you need to.

The FarePlay app uses the Vuplex plugin for its web browser. The plugin does support webRTC (so does the Nebula browser) but I only used it with “chrome remote desktop” locally for gaming sessions. The game controller was connected to the PC, not the glasses. Haven’t gotten to that part yet. Also, the mic is accessible through the browser.

I cannot reply to the websocket question, but I am currently testing an idea that uses websockets and I will inform you if it actually works.