Using external tracking solutions?

Hey All,

I am looking into using the Nreal glasses in low-light indoor experiences with multiple users… And was looking for a way to improve tracking with external systems to get more accurate tracking, and better multi-user tracking.

I looked into / tried Immersal. And it works really well in well-lit environments. However, I am having some issues with our indoor locations, as they are more dimly lit.

My first thought was to use SteamVR, or to use IR tracking dots, and let the positioning / rotation be handled by a PC. Basically using a networking solution to transfer the latest position/rotation to the headset.
Is there anyone over here who tried something similar? I’m wondering what would be the best way to handle this. Does the NRSDK allow the user to overwrite the position/rotation data? And would it be possible to still utilize Hand-Tracking?

(Im currently considering to parent all content, and make sure the pos/rotation are set relative to the HMD position in unity)


I think Enterprise SDK supports external SLAM Pose providing to NReal, but you have to have better prediction algorithm than they.

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Did you find a solution?