Using Nreal air as an on-the-go development environment

I am a traveling developer and i find the idea of only traveling with an Nreal air set and a keyboard very attractive. But it seems that it lacks a few features to actually make it work.

I am pretty confident that other developers can replicate my environment for a digital nomad life

Requirements: only a comfortable fully functioning browser experience.
most things nowadays are available online. My development environment is in github codespaces. I deploy to a cloud service. Even the shell is in the browser.

As i see it i have two main options if i dont want to carry a laptop:

  1. Using the nebula app


  • the option to fully control the placing and sizing of the windows


  • every usage of the phone resets the display placement and orientation
  • browser deemed insecure by google and wont let you log in to your google account.
  • no control over text size in the browser (if i enlarge the screen it would be nice to be able to reed more text)
  1. Using dex


  • able to use chrome (in addition to other apps) with all of its useful features and my saved credentials.


  • the display is static in a place that is uncomfortable for me, and option to move it further away or to prevent it from following your head would make a big difference.
  • there is no option for multiple displays.

I dont know how complicated the fixes are to implement, but it seems like there are two main things here:
Either enable the usage of the phone built-in browser in nebula (and cache window placements).
Or enable to have more screen options for dex. Even a basic option to preset the amount of screens in the app settings will be a huge difference (choosing a screens setup in the settings and moving the whole setup in space using the nebula app)

Hi, thank you for your comments and suggestions on our glass. For the Nebula part, we will consider your feedback in future versions. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: