Using Nreal in labs

I would like to test using Nreal glasses with android device in the laboratory setting. I would like to run a voice enabled app to dictate information while having the app display on the glasses in either AR or Casting mode.
Has any one been able to resize the window in AR mode? Can you please send the link to information if available.
Also, has anyone used the Glasses in the lab?

Thank you

Hi, you can try to open one of our default apps in AR Space, it supports resizing the window.

Thank you for your response. Is it possible to get a tutorial video on how this is done?

Are there any supporting videos/guides on how to use nReal Air in either mode?

Thank you!

Can you enter the AR Space and open the Browser? If yes, Then you can resize the windows.

I cannot access the AR Space using Galaxy S22. Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

If your S22 comes with the Exynos chipset, then it is incompatible with AR Space currently.