Using Photon Engine With NRSDK


I am trying to use the Photon PUN SDK with NRSDK to create a collaborative experience. However, the app does not run on the glasses when I use Photon. The app gets built but on the glasses I can’t see anything, even the laser from the controller does not appear. I’ve had no issues running apps without photon on the glasses, so I am not sure what could be causing this issue.

Would appreciate your advice on how I could get this to work. Thanks.

Hi, I noticed another post with the same issue as you. You can check it.


I have tested with the latest NRSDK version (v.1.10.0) and the nebula app seems to be up-to-date as well (v.3.2.1). The issue, however, still persists and I am unable to view any content on the glasses. Please let me know how I can fix this as moving to a different networking solution would be a hassle since I’ve already worked with Photon on my other devices. Thanks.

It would be better to send us a sample project, which is helpful for us to check the issue.


Here is the project link : Nreal_LatestVersion.rar - Google Drive


Could you please update me on this matter?

Hi Zaf,
I’ve checked your project and found that you’re using development build to build your APK. There’s a known issue in NRSDK1.10.0 when you select this mode. We’re working on it and will release this fix ASAP, and you can unselect this checkbox to get your app to work.

This issus still exists in NRSDK 1.10.1, when will it be fixed? Along with the ‘Grab’ issue I reported last year :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I switch to 1.10.1 and issues still exist