Using RGB Camera on a laptop (Mac or other)

When I connect my NReal Light to a Mac, I am able to use the display and audio, but when I try to capture photos or video, the RGB camera does not show up (but the OV580 black and white camera/s shows up). Is there any way to use the RGB camera on a mac or any other kind of laptop or desktop (windows/linux)? Thanks.

Actually, after looking carefully, the RGB camera does show up on the Mac after connecting the glasses and works for exactly 1 minute before shutting off. Is there any way to prevent it from shutting off?

Hi, developer. The RGB cam cannot be enabled in Mac or Windows. Please notice it.

Is it possible to enable the RGB cam on Linux? It shows up with v4l2-ctl --list-devices, but turns off after a minute. It would be great if it would be possible to keep it on. It would allow us to play with it in OpenCV for example.

Sorry but only our SDK or Nebula can call the RGB cam normally, other devices are not allowed to use it. And maybe one USB cam is suitable if you want to use OpenCV?

No worries, thank you. I think NReal light would be a great computer vision/ML research device if RGB cam and side-by-side display could be enabled on Linux platforms, perhaps with a firmware update. Just a suggestion for your dev team to consider.


Thanks for your suggestion. I will record it and give a feedback.

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