Using the Android Camera


Does security prohibit me from using Android’s built-in camera with NrealLight connected to Android?

Please confirm whether the connection between the USB cable of the glasses and the computing unit is stable. If it is loose, the RGB camera might fail to open.

In addition, it can be confirmed by connecting a Windows system computer with a Type-c cable. Turn on the computer camera, and you can switch it to the glasses camera for a check. Also, you need to turn off the “Power Saving Mode” in Nebula.

I am a co-developer of is0414if.

We are sorry for causing a misunderstanding.
NrealLight is connected to a smartphone (Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SCG06), not a computing unit.

We would like to know if NrealLigh is prohibited from displaying images from the camera built into the smartphone.
Can NrealLigh display images from the camera built into the smartphone?

You can definitely show the Input of the Android Camera, just access it like any other Unity Android App would do.

For me it works just like that. I am using it for showing the camera image on the phone display to scan a qr code, so it is overlaying the nreal controller you can also modify easily

We want to see the real time video being taken by the camera built into the smartphone through NrealLight glasses. Is that possible?

i dont see why it shouldnt