Using wth RemoteDesktop

I still need some information that I couldn’t answer through research online.
I use my work environment on the go via a remote desktop connection.
My workplace is two monitors, which are also used on my homePC via the remote connection.
On travel with Laptop only one Display.
The remote hardware is designed only for display and is therefore light and economical.

Can I use the data glasses to display the two screens via a device with an external keyboard and mouse?
Is this possible, e.g. only via a smartphone/tablet with a connected keyboard and mouse?
My main concern is reducing the hardware in terms of weight and size.


Hi Bernd. Our glasses can function as a single screen without the need to install our software on Windows or Mac platforms. If the glasses are compatible with a Smartphone/Tablet that has a USB-C port and supports DP output, then only a single screen can be used.

Depends on what device you want to connect to. If you plug the glasses into a PC/Chromebook, etc then you get either the duplicate screen or extended one. Whatever is displayed on that, will replicate on the glasses.

I have the XBeam and installed the app store to it and then installed Google Remote Desktop into that. I connected a BT keyboard and mouse and can run my work PC from the Beam. Only one screen so I have to switch between them using the toggle button on the Remote app. Also note, you have to get a keyboard that does not require a code when connecting.

A Samsung with Dex is also a good option. But I could never get more than one screen for my Remote Desktop for any of these.

But you can’t use an external mouse (or touchpad) in anchor mode, right? Because the desktop is anchored to the “wall”, and the mouse is anchored to the glasses…