VDM for Nreal? Virtual Desktop Manager / Virtual Monitors in AR/MR Space

This is in no way, shape or form a promotion of a competitor’s product!

The Lenovo AR System has a very neat feature.
Is Nreal working on something of this sort or will be in the future?

You already can connect your PC to the Glasses, but it works like an independent Monitor. What I would like to see, is (ideally) multiple virtual monitors in AR Space (like in VDM from Lenovo).

The Lenovo Solution:

The Internet Solution with Google Services:


Nreal is doing good on chair, they need to do something more on desk, support mouse and keyboard. They will support mac M1 M2 first, I hope they support vdm too.


Several years ago I have ported one of opensourced VNC clients to Epson Moverio. I can try to search my backups to find the source code and recompile it for Nreal)


rustdesk.com or Cast Android/iOS/Win/Mac to Browser | AirDroid Cast Web support remote desktop.

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@kaw this might be an option, although I’m not sure about the latency. This might be a dealbreaker when WebCasting.

But thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

Yana, if you get this done, please let me know!