Video and Image capture problems after updating Nebula to 2.02

My app now freezes if I try to record or take a picture. The only thing I did is update to Nebula 2.02.

The app freezes when recording but the actual recording seems to still work. If I leave the app frozen for 10 seconds I notice that the saved video file size coresponds to the recording time. Of course the video file is corppted because I can’t end the video because the app is frozen.

Can anyone please check if their recording doesn’t freeze their app after updating to the Nebula??

I tried with FarePlay, Magician Mastery, Table Trenches and my own app and it starts to record and then freezes and my video or image file size ends up corrupt and 0 bytes. All four apps worked with a prior version of Nebula.

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Can you recheck the permissions of the new Nebula and all the apps? Trying to cover all bases

Checked and they all have access to write to storage. I also checked to make sure power saving mode was turned off in Nebula.

OK I think I fixed it. You reminded of the power saving option, which was already off. So I turned it on then off again and now recording seems to work without freezing the app.

If that doesn’t work try doing the same with the permissions. Just denie then allow again. I also did that so that could be a reason too.

I also have the same problem, the recording starts correctly but the app freezes when I try to end the recording; the file does not close properly and is unusable.

I’ve temporarily solved it too by turning power saving on and off, but a more stable solution would be appreciated.

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