Video recording results in empty mp4 file

I’m trying to implement the video recording demos on the devkit. I’ve used the latest versions 1.9.0 and experimental through the FPSStreamingCast prefab, but also the previous ones with the corresponding demos. However, the result is always the same: I am able to trigger the recording through the buttons, the corresponding mp4 files are created, but they are empty, without any kind of data.

For the record, I’ve also tested the streaming functionality, and while it seems to trigger some sort of reaction in the server application, it does not receive any footage either, probably for the same reason that the recording does not work.

Does anyone have the same problem?

Hi, developer. Really sorry for the inconvenience that SDK brought to you. There are several suggestions for you, which may be helpful to the current issues.

  1. About First Person View, please try to download our latest V1.9.3_Experimental version;
  2. For RGBCamera recording function, if the file shows 0MB, please disable the ‘Multithreaded Rendering’ function which is in Unity before packing your apk.
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Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the disabling of the “Multithreaded Rendering”, you are right. By testing different combinations of settings, I also found out that this does indeed solve this problem. In the installation documentation I saw a short mention to some features that might not work with this option, but this should probably be highlighted, because there is otherwise no way to know what is causing this issue.

Regarding the 1.9.3 Experimental version, I did find the 1.9.3 Preview and the 1.9.1 Experimental, but not the 1.9.3 Experimental. Regardless, by combining the assets of the 1.9.3 Preview with the remaining assets of the 1.9.1 Experimental, I managed to get the First Person View Streaming to work.

Being new to the nreal community, I have to admit that I don’t find an intuitive way to review the different NRSDK versions and their corresponding documentation. It would be nice to have a single location with all versions and repositories.

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Glad to know that your issue was solved. Thanks for your suggestion, we will try to improve our documentations.