Video Recording With CloudXR Client

Hi, is there any way to record what I’m seeing in the glasses when using the Nebula CloudXR client? The NRSDK depends on building for Android so I can’t find a way to set up recording functionality when building a Unity app for SteamVR as I can’t use the NRSDK in this context. Is there a way to record the in-glasses view within Nebula? This post mentions an option in the developer options but it may be an older version of Nebula. I’m running Nebula v2.3.4.

Any suggestions much appreciated thanks!

Hi, Nebula CloudXR doesn’t support recording currently. Sorry about it.

Ok thank you for your reply. Will it be possible in the future?

Yes, it should be possible. I will give feedback.

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For now, if you are running Android 11 or earlier, it is possible to record stereo videos using scrcpy.
(GitHub - Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device)

Use the command line to head to the zip’s extracted address. Then in your command line, enter “scrcpy --display [num] --record [file]”.
[num] should be replaced by your glasses screen number. [file] should be replaced by the file name you want.
To find your glasses screen number, you can enter " scrcpy --display 1" first and check the output. Refer to the screenshot below.

Then it gives you a video file like this:

or this:

But note that this method no longer works since Android 12…

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Great thanks @Pepe! I’ll give it a shot :slightly_smiling_face: