VideoCapture can't record the 'Glow' effect

I’m using MK Glow to add bloom effect and it works well, but when I tried to record the video, the glow effect disappear.

  1. Glow effect works well in unity editor and I can see those effects in glass

  2. But the bloom effects in recorded video just disappear

  3. It seems that the glass cannot record content ‘imageEffects’

Is there any method to solve this problem :joy:

Hi, I wondered maybe you can test the Glow effect alone, and check if the Glow effect can be recorded.

But the glow effect is linked to object. If the intensity of material color reaches the threshold, then the MK Glow will add bloom effect. It cannot exist alone

Yep, I meant to test an object (like a cube) outside the current project, then apply MK Glow to this newly created object alone. Is it possible?

I will try it later~

I tried in a new project, and the problem still exists.

  1. Install NRSDK and open video reocord example scene in demo
  2. Install MK Glow Lite and drag a glowing object
  3. Open HDR for android in all tier
  4. Record in Nreal glassed and the bloom effect just diappear, but I can saw them in glasses

Recorded videos

In unity editor view

Eye view

The biggest problem is that I can see bloom effect but failed to record them, really confusing :rofl:

hello~ :rofl: Is there any progress on this issue

@XREAL-dev hello~ Is there any progress yet

Hi Lik,
sorry for the late reply, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our inability to add support for HDR and bloom post-processing at this time. Our team is currently working on other projects and we are unable to prioritize this feature request at the moment.

However, we will keep your request in mind for future updates and improvements to our service. If you have any other requests or feedback, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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