Videoplayback too fast with videocapture on NReal Light

I have a question regarding the use of the videocapture scripts to record first person video. The scripts work and record a video but when I play the video it plays way too fast.

Did anyone else encounter this and perhaps found a way to fix it?
Thx in advance!

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How odd. Does it play fast too when copy it to other devices?? What’s the usual file size of the video??

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I use the developer kit compute unit to record. Then copy the file from the unit to a pc or laptop and there it plays too fast. File size is around 56MB for 55 seconds of video on high setting.

Weird thing I noticed is when it plays through the preview of the video (on my S21+) the speed is normal. But playing it in any player makes it too fast.

Ok so I found a simple workaround. Opening the file in the standard windows videoeditor en then exporting it to a new file fixes the playback speed!

No idea why but it works!