Viewing 3D VR videos

recently bought Xreal air glasses and experience was good but I was unable to play 3D Games and also watch VR videos from iPad
Wanted to check if there is something I need to do to achieve this

Hi, the Air glass supports to play 3840*1080 SBS videos, just hold the brightness + button for 2-3s.

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Thanks team appreciate it
Have not explored that yet
Let me check and revert

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Dear team
I tried pressing the brightness up button. For 3 sec I noticed a flickering but did not get that 3D Effect. The image moved when I tossed my head
Tried to watch a movie using a VR player but did not get that effect you get on a VR headset
Perhaps it might not be supported currently

Hi, could you please go to the website and check if the firmware of your glass is the latest? XREAL Air - Firmware update (Please note that you need to visit and connect the glass by your PC)
Also, make sure the format of your SBS 3D video is 3840*1080, if it is possible, just use the default player of your iPad to play.

Thanks team now trying for the update of firmware but I keep seeing the message that there was a problem during update asking me to start from 1
Next how do I know if the format of the SBS videos is 3840*1080
It is a game video

Updated firmware let me check again

Dear time
Converted video into 3840*1080 format and trying
But the thing is we want 3D as it is supposed to be and not SBS


Did all of what you’d instructed right from firmware upgrade to formatting but I do not get to see that 3 D I still see the image moves along with my head

I did try nebula AR spatial but it worked on my mac only and that too it strained my eyes
may be I need to wait for changes to come to be able to view or play the way we did on an VR headset like oculus


Xreal Air is not designed as a VR capable device, a fact that the vendor fails to communicate as clearly as they must.

It seems to come tantalizingly close in many ways, but ultimately weight and price evidently drew the line below VR.

I’d say it’s the same with augmented reality, which they do claim, misleadingly in my opinion.

It’s a limited funcionality mixed reality display and they urgently need to clarify those limitations.

They seem to have the IMU sensors good enough to support VR 180° or 360° video, but with both displays run separately for 3D content, screen refresh is limited to 60Hz. And that doesn’t make for a good enough VR experience, I believe; the last headset with a 60Hz refresh I’ve used was my Oculus DK1 from 2013.

At the moment you have to choose between 3D content statically displayed straight ahead, or 2D content dynamically projected in a 3D space via Nebula or Beam.

VR requires both, doubling the bandwidth and that’s where the price/weight threshold seems to lie, currently.

And I only wish they’d say that outright…

Hi, as I mentioned previously, the AR experience can be obtained through our Nebula app. The 3D SBS, T&B, 180 and 360 degrees contents are supported in the Media player. Please try to use the beta version and see if it can meet your requirement. Universal-v3.7.0-4545-202311301153-release.apk - Google Drive

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Hi dude
Will certainly try
Thanks v much

I can play 3D stereo video content using the Air in passive 32:9 mode, both on PC and Android at 60Hz.

I cannot play 3D stereo content using Nebula AR, because essentially Nebula itself is already “consuming the 3D capabilities” to render the AR space.

I don’t know that 3D in 3D is even theoretically possible because it requires exclusivity over each eye to work.

Using Nebula to play games using the virtual 32:9 monitor in curved mode should give you a rather nice environment for flight simulators or racing games, but even on my RTX 4090 the refresh like 10 than 90 Hz and so far either the games or Nebula crashed when I tried doing that.

Playing 3D games just in the passive 32:9 mode should be possible at 60Hz, but a bit of software to make the split monitors appear like a Stereo headset still seems to be required for games to recognize it.

Now that I have a TB pass-through on my gaming rig, I could try, I guess, but I already run an HP Reverb there.

The Nebula on PC doesn’t support 3D videos currently, we will add it in the later version. But we already added the 3D media player into the AR Space of Android Nebula, in which you can watch 3D contents (SBS, 180 and 360 stereo videos).

I cannot see a “3D media player” in the AR space of Android Nebula 3.7.0 4845, the newest version you posted. The only video app points to YouTube.

I see a browser of unknown provenience, a photo viewer, and links to some other walled garden [game?] apps that I would have to install in AR space.

They do not seem to include a “3D media player”, unless it hides under a name that is not obvious.

I have no need for new games.

What I expect from an Android version of Nebula is mostly the advertised ability to run normal applications on AR virtual screens.

I definitely would also like the ability to run sit-down VR games and apps, even in full screen mode, which I do not see supported.

If you make a 3D media player work on such AR virtual screens, that would be a bonus, especially because it would prove me wrong:

I expect that to be impossible to do and in this case I’d just love to be wrong.

So please, kindly point me that 3D media player and let us know what it is called and if it needs to be installed or comes with the Nebula app, as you imply.