Virtual display causes the flicker on the device screen

I tried to use the virtual display(demo sample Input-VirtualController) with nreal.
it works fine with unity editor but when I test in the devices,
the devices screen will slightly flickering(not glass screen) Especially, if I use some tween animation on virtual display.

if anyone knows the solution or the way to avoid this flickering, it will be really helpful!

here is the movie captured the flicker on the virtual display

Unity SDK 1.6.0
Unity 2019.4.27f1
nebula v2.00.00.154

Galaxy Note20 ultra 5G

Have you tried debugging the app with android logcat? If not, do that and see what it says. You might find an answer there.

Hi, kamihiro,

We could not reproduct the same issue - UI flickering while switching between customize/default controller. Everything seems normal on our Android devices while testing. ​​​You may try building the scene again as it is to see if the same occurs, so as to narrow down the problem to any changes you’ve made to the original scene.

Thank you!

Hi, Joseph
Thank you for answering ! Actually, one of our developers found out the way to solve this.
it was the setting of unity.
here is the Unity setting that removes the flickering on the screen.

Thank you!