Watch your competitors, they are overtaking you

Massively more hardware addons available, for XR Glass, that look same yours,

Damn use Fedex for Europe they to the Tax Stuff for you.

Important here:
USB-C to Glasses and Charging Adapter

Mobile Dock


Ambient Mode!

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Hi, PierreU. Thanks for your info. We are exploring the boundary of XR industry too, and will promote our new glasses in future.

This is not what i am telling you, you new Hardware no one care about the new Product we already buy you Buggy Version 1 with glowing White (doesn’t real Fronts great), waiting 6 MOnth + for Windows support, Still has not come.

You Company miss basic hardware, like Power Adapter, HDMI to USB-C, Power Bank.

And Basic Features not implemented Like Ambien Modus, that are XR, and Fokus in mid of screen to select we need our Phone to move like a Wizzard in a Game (and do it with a heavy Fold Handy sux).

Your Nebular app supports nothing useful apps, mostly Website Services Works on Browser not.

Iam a Fanboy of your Hardware, but your BUsiness development ist Crap!
You can do a good and get a Send Back Version 1 and and ret 70% off the new Produkt this will helpfull

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Thanks for your suggestion. But we do care about the voice of our users, so we promoted beta Nebula for Windows in May. Also, in order to improve user experience, we released new firmware for XREAL Air, which supports 3D@72Hz and 2D@120Hz.
For the accessory part, we release the Beam which gives more experiences for users, and will also have our HDMI-C cable.
I admit that we have a lot to do, and need to think more about the software part.

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