WE NEED 3D SBS MODE Nreal Air Support?

Is there plans to add a SBS 3D mode? Can we get a firmware that adds a long key press to enter 3d SBS mode? We cannot force SBS 3D content now. This is a stereoscopic display after all. It seems like such a waste.


Yes we need. there are tons of 3D content and also PC support SBS gaming. so that would be a must have function and added value for the money

I am wondering can one use the vr apps available on iPhone to view 3D or 360 videos?

Sorry but no, it doesn’t support VR apps currently.

I am hoping someone has made an app for the PC that pushes or forces the AIR glasses into the 3D stereo SBS format. Is this possible? I think there is a Unity app for the Mad Gaze Glow. Can the Airs get a similar app for PC ?

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It’s totally crazy that here are glasses that would be perfect for looking at my 3D photos, but I can’t do it. It seems like it would be a very simple software addition…

It is. Nreal will release new firmware soon!