WebXR Support Yet?

I keep finding articles saying nreal light supports WebXR but then there are other articles a year later saying they still don’t.

Could someone please give me confirmation?


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Same here. Is WebXR support is in the development or roadmap, and if so, when is it due to be released?

Any chance someone from Nreal could answer here? Thanks.

You probably have more chance having God reply to your prayers, honestly lol .


Yes, webXR is definitely on Nreal’s roadmap and is supposed to be supported in the upcoming releases of Nebula.

Thank you!

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That’s great news, thanks JosephLiu!

So how is the state of WebXR in Nreal? I got my nreal light dev kit for over a year now but its just collecting dust because this is the main feature i was looking forward to but it was never actually implemented…

Really not sure @th1 I assume, because I’ve not read or seen anything about it that they still don’t support it. I kind of expected to see them shouting about it.

We haven’t bought any because of this.