What is Physical Camera setting for Nreal light in Unity?

I’m developing CV tool for Nreal Light, and I need details for unity physical camera.
What should I put in FOV, focal length, sensor type, and etc in the image below?
[I hope to know the same details for stereo cameras for stereo vision! ![image|379x500](upload://8oCY74UWVk39T5ZSUhSeok03dHL.png)

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Hi, developer. So you need the corresponding parameters of the RGB camera from Nreal Light?

Yes! I found the focal length of RGB camera is 2m(RGB camera specifications).
But the FoV and other specification seem not fit, when I simply modify the focal length to 2m…
So, I hope to know specific numbers which I can put in the Unity Physical Camera option.

Hi, the focal length is 30-31mm, FoV is 70.9 degrees.

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