What is the distance between lenses of Beam Pro?

The distance between the centre of the lenses on the Beam Pro looks less than 65mm which I would have thought would be the best choice if the idea of the 2 lenses is spatial (3D) video?
There is plenty of room on the device so please could someone confirm the distance and if possible explain the reasoning, if it is less than 65mm.

Many thanks.

The current distance between the centers of the lenses on the Beam Pro is 50mm. While it is true that a distance closer to 65mm would be ideal for spatial (3D) video, there are several considerations that influenced this design choice:

  1. Space Constraints: Increasing the distance between the two cameras to match the interocular distance of human eyes (around 65mm) would require more space, making the device bulkier and increasing the complexity of the internal structure.
  2. Structural Integrity: A larger distance between the cameras can lead to more significant structural deformation, necessitating special design considerations to maintain the device’s integrity and functionality.
  3. Aesthetic Design: The design also takes into account the overall appearance of the device, aiming for a balance between functionality and a sleek, user-friendly form factor.
  4. Ergonomics: Increasing the distance to 65mm could impact the ergonomic design. For instance, it might make the device less comfortable to hold, as the lower camera could press against the user’s hand. Ergonomics and ease of use are critical factors considered in the industrial design.
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Thanks for the speedy response @Dorix .

Yep, totally understand all of those points, the Beam Pro looks like a great product!

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