What is the focus distance for eyes?

Hi, I was wondering what is the focus distance for our eyes when using XREAL Air.
This is regarding my concerns about long term extensive use of the Air.

I currently wear my Air about 8 hours a day and little bit worried about my eyesight for degrading.
Or, I also think that it may help improving my eyesight if the focus distance is relatively long.

Does anyone has information about focusing distance of the Air?

Hi, fortis. For XREAL Air, the default virtual distance (focus distance) in 2D mode is 4 meters. And the distance can be adjusted under 3D mode (working with Nebula or Beam).

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Thanks for your quick reply XREAL-dev!
Appreciate for the official data of focus distance.

I feel more relaxed that the distance is 4m away by default.

I checked with a camera and manual focus: The focus distance is infinity!

The virtual distance is about positioning the virtual screen in space. Changing it does not change the focus distance. Obviously, changing the focus distance would require adjusting the optics. This cannot be done by software.