When are the nreal air glasses coming to more Europe countries?

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When are the nreal air glasses coming to more Europe countries? I am especially interested in Poland:)
Another question is the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is compatible with nreal air?
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Hi, I don’t have a specific time for this but we will notify you when Air is released in more Europe countries. Maybe you can purchase Air from EE?
And Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is not compatible with Air, cuz it doesn’t support USB 3.0 and DP.

Thanks for the reply. So if i would purchase it from EE it would fully work if i had a compatibilible phone?

Yes, if you have compatible phone.

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I am very sorry that I am disturbing you but is the POCO X4 Pro 5G 8/256GB a phone that would work? I know that it is not on the list of devices but maybe you know?

Sorry but POCO X4 Pro 5G is not compatible with our glass.

as it looks now, you can’t really buy the nReal glasses from EE, unless you have a UK EE phone number and you’re lucky enough to make their online shop miraculously work.
Quick side-note question: do the Samsung S10 glasses work with the Air?

Hi, please check this list. Compatibility
Seems only S10 (SC-03L(docomo)) is compatible with Air.

Got it, thank you. Can a Samsung S10 owner still use the Air in DP mode, as a mirrored display? I’m thinking it could be used with Samsung DEX for a nice private desktop experience and I would tottaly buy it for this alone.

Samsung S10 has DP Alt output, so Air can work as a mirror display and also work normally under Dex mode. And you can check the following link for operation.

Hello, I looked at the compatibilities but I did not find my model (Xiaomi mi 10t pro), is it compatible with? Also if he doesn’t, can he be later? Finally I would like to make a workstation in its primary purpose is it possible to display the screen of my computer directly?

Hi, it is because the Xiaomi MI 10T pro doesn’t come with DP output. Also, we don’t test the workstation, not sure if it works perfectly. But if the workstation comes with DP, you can try it.

Estimados, verifiquei a lista de compatibilidade e diz que o galaxy note 20 5g é compatível, mas nao diz se o meu galaxy note 20 4g é compativel.
Creio que a unica diferença seja a antena 5g. Poderia confirmar se o galaxy note 20 4g é compativel.

Saberia informar se a EE vende a quem nao é cliente da operadora e se envia para Portugal?

Muito obrigado

Btw, telling people in Europe to try a store in the UK isn’t very helpful since the UK isn’t in the European Union anymore. We’d be forced to pay VAT and import taxes and everything which would make an already expensive British Pound even more expensive! (The Nreal Air is 399 GBP which is about €450, a VAT of 21% and then the import taxes, which vary by country. For example here in Spain it’d be 2.5%. So in total the Nreal Air would be €555!)


Really sorry about it. We will try to expand the overseas market to meet the request of Air glass for European regions.

I got Nreal Air glasses for myself and I’m located at Netherlands.
I have the glasses tested with Nreal adapter on Nvidia Shield 2017 and i can tell it works ok, but it’s a pity that adapter is discharging and there is nothing to let you know to save your game at GeForce Now for example. It’s just shutting down.

Because I’m at different country than listed, I can’t use Nebula.
I got Poco F2 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Max 2. They aren’t new phones, but they supposed to have a video output through USB C port.
It would be great to be able to run Nebula on them.

I decided to check the list of the phones that are supported by Nreal and I decided to check if my Nreal Air glasses will work with Samsung Galaxy S10e, because I got one in my range. I have found this phone model is listed for Spain and Germany.
Guess what.
Even if I got a supported Samsung Galaxy S10e (at Netherlands) can’t use Nebula:

  • from Play Store, can’t install app because of country/region limitation
  • downloaded apk can be installed, but is giving same error like for any unsupported phone.

First question:
Is there any solution from Nreal about how to keep on playing on the console and maybe charge Nreal adapter at same time?

Second question:
When if ever Nreal is going to get open the country/region Nebula LOCK?

Third question:
If there is a way to use Nreal Air glasses with consoles through Nreal adapter and HDMI cable, where is support for pc/laptop HDMI output?

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Hi, thank you for your questions. Please check the following answers:

  1. We are trying to find some solutions which will solve the play&charge issue;
  2. If the Nreal glass is not sold officially in the country or region, there is always a limit to accessing the Nebula app. But we provide a separate download link in the community. New Nebula App (V3.2.1) for Non-GP Users!
  3. Theoretically, the Adaptor+Glass can be used with the PC which comes with HDMI interface, but we don’t fully test on all the Win PCs, so cannot guarantee the performance.

1). I’m waiting for Nreal Play & Charge SOLUTION, same like everyone else who got your product.


Above you can find the screen I got when I manage to install Nebula apk from your link.

I’ve got it tested with:
a) Samsung Galaxy S10e - Netherlands version with stock ROM,
b) Xiaomi Mi Max 2 - Global version with Pixel Experience Custom ROM,
c) Poco F2 Pro - Global version with stock ROM.

3). Theoretically?
Theoretically it should be functional.
Unfortunately it’s not functional.

Hi, about the second issue, it is not caused by the region limit. Could you please confirm if the error tip occurs when you insert the glass into your phone? If so, then it is not caused by the region limit, it is because the Nebula app doesn’t detect DP signal while connecting the glass. Please check the USB port does support DP output, and the USB interface is OK for video signal transmit.

I can confirm that the error tip occurs when I insert the glass into the phone Samsung Galaxy S10e which is supported in Spain and Germany.
I wish to experience the WOW effect!