When are we getting a new build for nebula?

When are we getting a new build for nebula?

Hi, you mean new version of Nebula? It will be released in August.

Like a Nebula that would support handtracking, supports your phone to be locked in your pocket, more steady holograms when you move your head etc.

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@XREAL-dev you said that a new version of nebula will be released end of this month. Now it’s going to be in August? :rage:

Really sorry about the delay, cause we have more optimizations required to be done, which will give you more user-friendly experiences, then we delayed the release time.

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Maybe release beta versions for testing, for impatient users? With a disclaimer that you take no responsibility for broken experiences, phones, glasses, hearts, etc.?

A developer insider preview would be nice indeed. It would also improve the quality of Nebula if you get feedback from app developers. Maybe worth to really consider this. I submitted several flaws in the 1.9 SDK on discord for instance which could have been avoided with something like this.

That is good, however at least don’t force the users to update to the latest build. Please provide the ability to install previous versions of nebula. This will solve lot of problems.

Hello, when are we getting the new build of nebula?

We will release a new version in this month.

Will be compatible with OnePlus 9 again !?

Hi, please tell me which glass you are using with Oneplus 9? And the current Android version, please? Do you get any error tip in Nebula?

I own nreal light and OnePlus 9 with Android 12 version. Nebula does not show any error tip but simply does not recognize the connection of the device. Thank you!

OK, I think we talked this in another post. :smiley:

When? Can you please also made that rollback is possible ? ( users should be able to go back to a previous version of nebula)

Rollback is currently possible. But it cannot be realized by GP which only allows the latest version. We can consider putting the previous versions on different server (instead of GP).Then users can select the version they want.

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Yes please do that,That would really great. :+1:

Will the new August update for Nebula include Exynos 2200 support?

A possible solution would be hosting your own F-Droid repo :slight_smile: That way you don’t need to be FOSS compatible, people can still choose their appropriate version, while automatic updating is possible.

Sorry but no, we will update the compatible models on our website(Compatibility) and Reddit(https://www.reddit.com/r/nreal/comments/ve8ue2/nreal_air_nreal_light_compatible_smartphone/) once more new devices are supported.