Where can I find 'FPSStreamingCast' on NRSDK 1.9.3(Preview)?

I’m looking for prefab ‘FPSSTreamingCast’, which is in nrealsdkdoc, to handle First Person View Streaming. I searched with word ‘Stream’, ‘FPS’, and ‘First’, but there is no asset related… Where can I find it in specific directory?

Hi, developer. Please check this link and you can download Experimental version of NRSDK. First Person View - NRSDK. But currently it is V1.9.1.
If you need V1.9.3 Expremental Version, please check the google drive link:
NRSDKForUnity_Preview_Experimental_1.9.3.unitypackage - Google Drive

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Perfectly work! Thanks for your help!

Would you be willing to share the steps you took to get this working? I have tried many different things but the streaming receiver app does not show what the user is seeing.