Where to find First Person View / FPSStreamingCast

Hello together,
I’m looking for the files for the “First Person View” demo from the tutorial.
Are these still available somewhere or does someone know where I can find something like that?
Instruktion can be found here:
First Person Fiew

I hope someone has any idea because at the moment some others also searching for this :slight_smile:

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@XREAL-dev could you please help ? you should have the files needed here :slight_smile:

Hi there, you can learn more about the technical specification on NRSDK User Guide ‒ NRSDK 1.6.0 documentation

@XREAL-dev Hi, thanks but i started my search for display casting there and found this:
But i do not find the FPSStreamingCast on my SDK and i do not found some other sdks available to download.
Also i have no idea where to find the “server applications” called Streaming receiver.

We realy need this for our application we actual develop for the nreal so it would be realy nice if you could have a closer look at this. In this tutorial is no information where to find this files.

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Hi @XREAL-dev, I have the same problem. Can’t find the FPSStreamingCast prefab, nor the StreamingReceiver.exe you are referring to in the docs. I am using NRSDK 1.6.0

Please message me :slight_smile: and we’ll help you solve the problem.

I’ve sent you message and provided the solution, please check your message box :slight_smile:

Hi, @XREAL-dev. I also have interesting on the solution. I imported the sdk and didn`t find “FPSStreamingCast” prefab. Could you help me?

Because the solution is not very stable, we only provide it via “message”. If you still need it, please message me personally. Thanks.

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Can you post this publicly please? Thanks.

@XREAL-dev I can you send me the stream prefab link too?

@XREAL-dev I’d like to have it, too, please

The First Person View tool(First Person View — NRSDK 1.6.0 documentation)
is only for live video streaming to other devices, and unforunately there’s no public link to download the tools described on that webpage.

For the first person recording to a video file, which is a more general case, please see the following for details:

You can find example scene located in NRSDK/Demos/RGBCamera-Record
and VideoCapture2LocalExample.cs in NRSDK/Demos/Record/Scripts for reference, where StartVideoCapture() and StopVideoCapture() is used for start/stop capturing respectively.

Thank you!

HI but if I need to streamming out same time for demostation?

Hi, @XREAL-dev. As we have an update on NRSDK to 1.7.0, can you provide the beta version that contains the FPSStreaming? I ask this because I can’t use the old versions of unitypackage of FPSStreaming and the NRSDK 1.7.0 on the same project. I get compile errors

I would also be very interested in that

I also need this update and also written an email and dm a dev and waiting for an answer :slight_smile:

Please DM me the necessary files for the FPSStreamingCast prefab, nor the StreamingReceiver.exe.

Hi, @XREAL-dev. Can you send me the FPSStreaming for the SDK 1.7.0?

Hi @XREAL-dev @Nreal_JosephLiu, would be possible to have the FPSStreaming assets for the 1.7.0 SDK too?
Even in DM would be fine,
Thanks in advance