Which devices support hand tracking?

Which devices support hand tracking?

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My app runs well with hand tracking on LG V50S ThinQ 5G

from https://developer.nreal.ai/download


Except for the OnePlus 7T all of the devices from the supported list that Jan postet are working.

For all DevKit users: please update the Computing Unit to the latest firmware via the update function.


My 1st generation Sony Xperia 5 in some apps works with hand tracking and in others doesn’t seem to. The hand tracking sample and xrcube work fine for me but Table Trenches beta with hand tracking does not.

Just as an update, the latest update for Table Trenches works great for me with my 1st generation Xperia 5 for both phone pointer mode and hand tracking mode.

Wasn’t able to get Table Trenches or Famous Cube to start up (got that pill-shaped nreal glasses error) on a Fold2.

Would have loved to try out Table Trenches with hand tracking. The SDK hand tracking scene works fine.

The LG G8S ThinQ with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is capable of handtracking with NRSDK 1.6.0 and Nebula 2.0 !!! Very affordable phone.

Is there an ETA for the final release? The phone pointer is bugged and hand tracking isn’t working on the Oppo Find X3 Pro.

This is a very shitty state of the device.

SnapDragon 888 will be supported in the next update.

What’s the technical reason that certain SoCs don’t support hand tracking yet?

Any idea qhen S21 + will have support for Hand Tracking? @Nreal_JosephLiu @XREAL-dev

Try the latest SDK 1.7.0

That is something funny. I was able to use hand tracking with NRSDK 1.7.0 on a MR application. However, when I use MRTK packages, I receive the error that S21+ has no support for Hand Tracking yet. Any thoughts?

Try this.
If this apk works, please check your NREAL SDK VERSION in your project.

Hello, recently I also got the error that my S21 does not support hand tracking, (before it was supported) have you find a solution by any chance ?

I just thought about buying the oneplus 7t because i saw in new sdk release today that its tested and supported.
But now i think twice :sweat_smile:.
I have the nreal air and one a chip phone that will work with all the features.