Which mobile phone works in Australia?

Which mobile phone works with nreal in Australia?

Can I just find one which matches US or UK in Australia for the list given Compatibility ?

I checked Amazon Australia and find some compatible phones, like Oppo X3 pro, X5 pro, Oneplus 9/Pro, 10. And these models are only recommended according to hardware requirements.

I wish to be able to install the nreal nebula app

You cannot find Nebula in GP, I think, but we have a separate link for users to download and install Nebula.

I tried it on my unsupported Motorola phone (Moto g51 5g) and it said “Unfortunately, this phone cannot support Audio Video Transmission. please visit our official website …”, so I will need to go out to buy a new phone

Yes, please use the phone model which is on our compatibility list. But please make sure the model number is the same.