While in 3DoF mode, the whole screen drifts slowly to the left

While in 3DoF mode, the whole screen slowly drifts to the left.

Nebula Version 3.1.1 (also was present on the previous version)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Hi, could you please also tell me the Android version and which glass you are using? If possible, please send us a piece video that can show the current issue. Thanks in advance.

This also happens with the Mac Beta

OK, could you please send me a piece of video? Then we can do further check.

I’ll look into seeing if I can get a capture of it. What I see happening is during use looking from side to side the center screen (three screen mode) slowly drifts to the position of the left screen. Next thing I know I’m essentially looking over my left shoulder to see the screens. Then I recenter them in the app. I’ll take a time measurement to see how long it is taking for this event to occur.

Hi have you managed to get the s22 to work in ar mode any advice would be appreciated

Hi, if your S22 comes with an Exynos chipset, then AR mode is not stable(there are some issues like image flickering, and drift), because there is a limit from this computing chip.

OK. But before that, I want to know if your S22 Ultra is built with Exynos Chipset.

OP and andyroo6470 are on S22. I am using the Mac beta.

Sorry for the late reply. I currently have the Unlocked US Qualcomm S22 Ultra. I actually solved the issue somehow by sideloading the Nebula application apk using the link provided in the forum. I have tried previously to uninstall/reinstall the Nebula app from the play store and it didnt work. Now the image no longer drifts to the left after sideloading the apk. But the Mac applcation when working still drifts to the left on my Mac Mini M1.

Yes I have a s5e9925 board

Hi where are you getting the Mac beta