Wifi issue on latest Beam update EVA-202311292009-345

Does anyone encounter wifi issue after the latest update ?
Could not reconnect the beam device on my wifi router (previous release was working without trouble)

System version : EVA-202311292009-345
Launcher version : 974

Tried to reset the beam but nothing change, it only works with my phone hotspot wifi

My router wifi has 2 channels : 2.4G and 5G (tried on both, it doesn’t works). Encryption with WPA2/WPA3 mixed
Tried to restart router + beam device : same trouble

Apologies for the inconvenience. We have taken note of the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible. Thank you for providing us with detailed information.

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Same problems here, can’t longer connect the Beam. Tryed 3 different WLAN Routers, no chance to connect, it sucks.

Please try to change the security level of your router to WAP 2 (not mixed WAP 2 and WAP 3). Then the issue can be solved temporarily.

WPA2 only doesn’t work, a Router Hotspot without Password works,

We will release a fixed version today, please connect the Hotspot and update your current system.

Update done and now trouble is fixed ! Thanks for your great support !

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Just purchased the glasses and the beam for Christmas. Turn on and connected to WiFi. The system updated firmware and now I can’t connect to WIFI. It says searching for available networks but nothing shows up in the search. I have two WiFi sources for my home and everything else on the networks are working and connected.

Launcher 1054. Still having issues with WPA2/WPA3

I just got the BEAM today and everything worked fine. Then I tried to install other apps like Disney+ or Crunchyroll and since then my WIFI doesn’t work anymore. I tried other WIFI networks than mine and it worked. It is only mine which the BEAM fails to connect to. Very frustrating, especially because I haven’t even used it for 24 hours and it’s already not working anymore on my WIFI. A reset is also unnecessary, cause it doesn’t work too. Already tried it. And if someone is going to ask, yes, I am on the latest firmware and updates.

Edit: For some strange reason it works again…

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