Will the Air 2 Ultra Work with Samsung Galaxy S24?

As per the title. The website shows only S22 and S23 - please could you confirm whether it will work with the S24.


Hi. S24 has not been tested yet. But according to the specification, the model that comes with a Snapdragon chipset should be fine in theory. It is still required to be fully tested.

Ah, ok, thanks @XREAL-dev .

Obviously a lot of people will have bought or be intending to buy that model now - I was hoping to buy one and order the Air 2 Ultra. I’ll keep my eyes open for an update. Need to be sure with this kind of money involved.

Oh no. I’ve just read that the UK and Europe get the Exynos chip.

So, thinking logically, at some point I assume that those with an S24 (Snapdragon) could see better performance with their Air 2 Ultra, or even apps that don’t work with an S22 or S23?

Yep, theoretically, the Snapdragon version has better performance.