Window menu on MacOS

More of a question than a problem… when running Nebula on MacOs, all windows have in their top menu a Heading of “Window”. In this Heading (among other things) are the entries: “Move to Built-in Retina Display”, “Move to Air”, and “Move to NrealVirtual-x” (typically 1 or 2).

This may just be an artifact of the fact that the glasses are installed as another physical screen device in MacOS, but moving a window via “Move to Air” causes major issues for getting that window back, as the window gets moved to this “Air” screen, but there is no way to navigate to it with the mouse. I’ve hit it by accident once or twice and had a devil of a time getting that window back to where I wanted it.

Perhaps because the glasses are a separate physical screen device “Move to Air” can’t be removed from that menu? It would be nice if it could be removed, as it appears to serve no real function and can only cause problems when accidentally hit.

All that being said… really happy with the product and I would be running into such small issues if I weren’t using them so much… so that’s a good thing.