Windows 10 mirroring

When I connect my nreal light glasses with usb-c on my pc, I don’t get extended display or mirroring, the glasses stay black. Is there something to do to enable mirroring ?

Have you activate your glasses at the first using?

Can you tell me how to do that?

Seems like your usb-c does not support alt-mode. Can you try it on another laptop or pc that does support this?

Ah thank you! … Make perfect sense now, my Asus ROG Strix USB-C doesn’t support Alt-mode.

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Here’s a script to enable 3d mode in windows.

Use this python script at your own risk! You can switch to different display modes. pip install pywinusb and python to enable 3d mode.

Password is the most metal country in the world.

Oh nice!! … I will have to try this. Does it work even without alt-mode on usbc? I guess not…

I ordered a Wacom device to connect to the display of the glasses, hopefully this is going to work.

Btw, I think sweden is the most metal country, but that’s me :wink:

Did you check this before ordering? Slack

“Wacom Link Plus = DisplayPort 1.2/HDMI/USB2 + to be tested with Black model + **did not work with red dev kit”

Damn I didn’t realize it was mentioned… Which one is confirmed working with all usb devices on the glasses?


And finally this is a All In One solid adapter but it’s untested (Which means you won’t need the lightning adapter for iphone and also vendor mentioned that it lets sound pass thru directly to the glasses (without splitting like the other adapters)):

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I bought the GC-Titan Ridge 2.0 and it works perfectly! You connect you display port on the card and it combines video+data to the glasses usb-c connector.

But there’s one thing that never worked on my machine, it’s the RGB camera, it never shows up in device manager. Well actually it showed up once and now it doesn’t.

OV580 streaming works, cadmium script works, 3d mode works, audio shows up but no output, however I have microphone working. Maybe something to do with the volume.

On my onboard USB-C all devices show up even the rgb camera. still no audio, but I think it worked before. Of course no video on the onboard usb-c.

Hi, that scripts sounds very interesting, could you reshare the script again?

Thank you


I can’t imagine what the screen of Windows looks like in the NREAL. Can someone post a screen? Can I also use the NREAL SKD in Windows or is it only for Android ?