Windows PCs does not work with NReal Air

Help me! I bought a NReal Air, and it worked after activation by Android /Nebula. However, it does NOT work with Windows PCs such as Surface Book 3 (Corei7), quite new VAIO which I tested.

But it works with Macbook Air.

Although a Windows PC recognizes NReal Air via USB-C, it says that " the device is not active".

Hmmm, Windows PC does not feed enough power, etc?

Any recommendations?

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Well it works on my windows Asus Flow Laptop.

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You have to first activate it using several different sources. For windows you can go to: Nreal Air - Activation


OK, I did that… I went to that page, translated to English

and after clicking the Connect / Connecting button on the web page, the nreal air showed up as Nreal Air - Paired.

It says “paired” now. I’m not totally sure what to do next, it seems like it should be detected as a regular HDMI type connected monitor in control panel, monitors? :thinking:

Hi, Nreal Air should be detected as a monitor after inserting to your PC by Type C connection. Did you activate it successfully?

I was able to get it to work with a recent Razer laptop running Windows 11, there it behaved as expected! It shows up as a monitor when plugged in.

Could nreal make the usb protocol to the IMU public?
I could then write my own desktop mirror on the PC that would stay tethered rather than head locked


I 100% agree with this. Just make the IMU and Buttons availible over the usb interface for Windows/Linux. This would let devs make AR apps anyway they want.