Windows SBS mode deactivating nreal

I was able to get SBS mode running in my M1 Macbook, so I know the nreal update is good. I tried doing the same steps to get my nreal working on my ayn odin running windows on arm, but when the nreal goes to SBS mode the monitor is now considered inactive by windows. The second monitor is still named nreal air but there’s no info about its resolution. The nreal is still connected to the system since if I unplug the nreal I would get the monitor disconnecting sound. Any ideas why this is happening?

Hi, two tips for connecting the Air glass with your Win PC exist. After the glass is connected: 1. Make sure the glass works as a mirror screen; 2. Please check if the resolution is 3840*1080.

The initial connection worked and it showed up as 1920 * 1080 mirrored. Then when I changed into SBS it would disconnect and recconect and show that the monitor was connencted but disabled.

My guess is that the Odin cannot output 3480x1080@60hz which explains why mirroring works but sbs doesn’t.

Agree, if the status is connected but no display, then should check if the device supports output 3480x1080@60hz