Windows Screen/ App share to Web

Hi all,

Since Windows Support for Nreal Light Glasses is not even part of Nreal roadmap LINK. I wanted to check if there is any alternative workaround or yet simpler solution for windows screen sharing to Nebula Web Browser (With the limitation in mind that Nebula only supports HTTPS and also not RDP as already explained here: LINK but rather remote access, streaming or any other way)

My findings so far:



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Hi Jorik,

These tools are exactly what I needed.
Both are amazing:

  • In Desktop vision, you just have to use one link to login (included cloud account system) in which you can check remote access your devices. However you can remote access the entire screen or/ and js file.
  • On “Pluginfree Screen Sharing” (webRTC) you can screen share your entire screen, window or browser tab (Which is really cool). Since it’s open source, it seems you can set it up locally (Untested yet). However for every screen share session(room) there is a different url (since the hash changes) so this might be a hassle for retyping it in nebula browsers.

I really appreciate these tips, thank you. I hope it can also those seeking for windows support in the meantime.

No problem, glad I could help you out with this! Still hoping for full Windows support by @XREAL-dev…

You could automatically sync your Android clipboard with your Windows clipboard, for example by using Microsoft Swiftkey (which currently offers clipboard sync as an option).