Windows SDK Questions


I am intrigued by the idea of the upcoming Windows SDK.
Would appreciate if you could clarify a few points on its direction.

What sensor data will be available through this SDK?
Will it be OpenXR compliant?
Will this SDK open doors to development in Unreal?
Will it be possible to run other OpenXR software with the Runtime provided with the SDK?
If not OpenXR, will it support OpenVR?
What is the


Hi, the sensor data will be packaged as APIs just like the current SDK. It will not compatible with OpenXR, the SDK for Android is our priority. Not sure if it will be compatible with Unreal, but mostly not I think.

Thanks @XREAL-dev

To further clarify, if I plug Nreal Air into a Windows PC with the Windows SDK installed and run the following code:
Pose headpose = NRFrame.HeadPose;

Will this code return the current 3DoF reading from the IMU ?
Or will there be a different API handle for extracting 3DoF data ?