Xreal 2 pro can't connect to multiple device after installed nebula

Hi, having problem with my xreal 2 after i had installed nebula apps, I would like to know is there any solution?
Before install nebula, I can used the glasses on other mobile devices, after installed the apps, only my black shark 5, and no others devices can use the glass or so called full access to the function (No screen only sound). Tested on PC and Lenovo Legion pad working fine just mobile devices.

Hi, the Nebula app will not influence the glass for viewing. Please confirm if there is any error tip in the Nebula app?

Hi, No, I didn’t receive any error, tested on OnePlus 11 5G, ZTE Nubia Neo 5G, Huawei nova 5T, and Samsung A34 5G. I can hear sound on the glasses without display from all those mentioned devices, this only happen on mobile device and all 4 devices did not install with nebula apps.

I have reviewed the phone models you mentioned, and it appears that all of them are equipped with USB2.0 instead of USB3.0, indicating that they may not support DP output. Kindly verify with the phones’ support team to confirm their compatibility with DP output. Additionally, could you please clarify your statement regarding using the glasses on other mobile devices before installing Nebula? Specifically, I would like to know if the glasses can display normally on the same Black Shark 5 before Nebula installation.