Xreal Air 2 - No any audio after 2 monthes of use

I purchased xreal air 2 few monthes ago, and after 2 monthes of use no longer any audio comes out xreal air 2.

No any physical damage, no accidents, tryed to test with different xreal cables and xreal beam/android dex/win11/macos/iphone 15 devices.

I tryed to restore firmware on glasses using nebula for mac and nebula for windows. It not helps. But I have these nebula logs if you will need it.

When audio stopped worked - it happen on windows/macos pc. I was able to hear right audio channel when used xreal air 2 with beam. But after few days audio totally stop working.

I know about sound volume, sound devices switching (in glasses or via win/macos), audio as display port or via usb in xreal glasses. Problem looks like in firmware (hardware interaction/internal driver) or it hardware based.

Since I ordered my xreal air 2 glasses on aliexpress (just wanted to get it quickly, but in many parts of europe xreal really very slow and problematic to buy device) looks like xreal not providing warranty for their products. I not sure why, even product for china market must have 1 year warranty.

However, may be it will possibly to diagnose remotely and fix it with firmware update. So, I posting this topic and ready to provide nebula log file.

Can xreal provide support, check my nebula log file and tell possibly reason? I already submitted log via nebula for mac (immediately after basic firmware of glasses restoration). Can also provide log files on request.


Sure, please contact support@xreal.com and attach your log file. The support team will check it and help you resolve this issue. (Recently we received the similar issues, but not sure if they have the same root cause.)

I sent my nebula log files to specified email address.

However, I get reply to provide order number/warranty details. But I mentioned what preordered xreal air 2 glasses on aliexpress, and can provide only these details. I still not sure why you not providing support to your customers who purchased xreal glasses on aliexpress. It your company product, it have xreal serial number on it and it how your company take care of your brand. Also, even in china, your products have warranty.

It my second broken xreal air glasses (first is xreal air 1, which purchased on aliexpress also, left temple broken, I not contacted support about it, just preordered xreal air 2).
Second broken xreal air 2 glasses (this problem with audio) it clear sign of build-quality of your products. If you unable to help even reviewing log files to understand is it hardware or firmware problem - next my order for ar glasses will not xreal glasses.

Please don’t worry, I’m looking into the situation right now. We’ll definitely get to the bottom of this. Could you tell me your email address? I’ll check with the support team.


Thanks! It alexkiv [at] gmail.

Ok, got it, I will keep you updated with any developments as soon as they come in.

thanks! Will wait for your findings. If more log files will need - just let me know.

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Hi Alex,

the colleagues in the support team should have contacted you, and they may need you to make some attempts for further investigation.

Hello, I have a similar issue only my right speaker is working. As I purchased from Amazon Japan I was told they can not support the warranty as I’m in Canada. It feels like a software bug as sometimes the left speaker will work.

Was there an update on this?