Xreal Air 2 Pro Display issues

I just picked up a brand new Xreal Air 2 pro on a trip to Tokyo…. Was soooooo excited to get it unboxed and working on my iPhone 15, but alas, there’s no display or any video input on my compatible Apple devices. Have I missed a step in the set up process? By the way, plugged it into my HP laptop USB-c port and works there.


Hi, when you first inserted the glass into your iPhone 15, did you get any tips? And the iOS version please.

If I recall I was asked if it was external headphones that I was connecting. I clicked yes. The IOS version I have on my iPhone 15 is 17.03.

I tested the Air 2 Pro on the iPhone 15 Pro, it worked well. Could you please try to check if your iPhone detected external devices after the Air 2 Pro is connected? Also, please make sure the P-Sensor of the glass is covered (at the center of the glass). Finally, please try to reset the settings of your iPhone.

I reset my phone and plugged in the Xreal and there was a prompt “headphones or other device”, I chose other device. The glasses still won’t display video. However, they worked with my MacBook Pro and with my HP laptop. There must be some iPhone setting step that I’m missing. Also won’t work on iPad Pro.

Then please check if your iPhone and iPad Pro can be connected to a physical monitor and give you an image.

Both devices display using a USB - C to HDMI adapter. It might be an issue with the Xreal USB-C cable.

I checked the compatibility against the website and I see that my iPhone 15 Pro (model number 3101) is compatible with the Japanese Xreal Pro model I purchased (unless the sales clerk gave me the US version at POS (which works with iPhone 15 Pro model number 2848). Should this matter? I tested my phone with the display model and it worked perfectly. Help!

I don’t think it matters. The iOS system should be the same for US and JP models. But you can still try to check your iPhone and bring the glass to the local Apple store if you are in the US.

Just received my pair of Air 2 Pro and am experiencing the exact same thing.

On my iPhone 15 Pro, I get NOTHING when I plug the glasses in to it. Not an acknowledgement that anything was attached to the phone, not even as headphones. Huge disappointment and outright false advertising given I only ordered the Air 2 Pros because it specifically listed the iPhone as being compatible.

I can get the glasses to work as second display on my MacBook Pro, but the buggy AF Nebula app crashes repeatedly. I seriously DO NOT need these glasses on my laptop, but was very excited to use them on my phone.