XREAL Air 2 Pro not working with One Plus Open. HELP!

Bought the XREAL Air 2 Pro glasses 2 days ago, they work perfect with mi PC and Steam Deck, however, they are unstable when plugged to my One Plus Open. Please help me.

When plugged, the following situations happen:

  1. no Image
  2. Image but 5 minutes later no image
  3. No image, reset phone and get image (sometimes).

Please help me

Hi, could you please confirm the following points:

  1. Please try to connect the phone with a physical monitor and check if it keeps the same issue.
  2. When the issue happens, the phone is folded or unfolded? Or both?
    Thanks in advance.

Hi @XREAL-dev . Many thanks for your prompt reply.

So yes, I connected the phone to a physical monitor and it worked just fine. No lag whatsoever, stable connection.

Immediately after that, I plugged in the glasses to the phone and they worked perfectly for about 30 minutes. I then unplugged and plugged again: no image.

Connected the phone a 2nd time to the monitor, then tried to connect the glasses again: no image.

What do you think it could be?. Could the instability have anything to do with system updates? I recently updated to OxygenOS 14.0

Hope to her from you soon


Sorry, just realized i didnt answer question # 2: Both

Same problem with my oneplus open and xreal air 2.

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So annoying… @XREAL-dev any news?

Hello, I have sent you an email in response to the log file you provided.

Hello, Havent recceived the email. The address is andressubiacarvajal@gmail.com

Whats the sender email?


Is it working now for u @andressubiacarvajal ?

@DbF Hi, no its not working yet. @XREAL-dev what is the solution ?

@DbF no response from Xreal Devs @XREAL-dev Guess they dont care we can use their expensive glasses with our phones!!!

@XREAL-dev please reply!

Hi, the test request has already been submitted. The product manager and research & development team are currently assessing and carrying out the necessary tasks. Testing and ensuring compatibility for a new model is time-consuming due to multiple models being simultaneously processed. We appreciate your understanding.

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