Xreal Air 2 Pro won't fit my face

I’ve tried or owned almost every VR headset since the original Oculus DK1 and so far I’ve always been able to make them work with my face: I never noticed that it’s exceptionally large, neither in height, width or size of the nose. I’m 1.88m and a Western European male, but when I go and get glasses or shades, they’ll typically just fit with only the optics needing to match my eyes.

Where the headset supported adjustable IPD as in the case of the Oculus DK2, I tended to go with the large setting, but CV1, HP Reverb and Lenovo Daydream just work.

Yet with the Xreal Air 2 Pro, even the “S” sized nose adapter, which is the shortest to allow for the largest nose, the headset rides a millimeter or two too high, so that I can’t ever quite see the bottom of the screen, where in my case the Windows start/task bar tends to be, making navigating between applications quite difficult.

When I push it down, that area becomes visible and I guess with a bit of bending and brute force, that could be made to work in the Y-axis.

But that still doesn’t help with the interpupillary distance, where the Xreal offers no adjustments whatsoever when that is needed for me, because the outsides of the two screens are evidently too much inside. making them blurry to one eye or the other. If I move the headset a couple of millimeters to the right or left, I can make the entire projection area appear sharp to one eye or the other, but never both: clearly I need those screen to be wider apart to fit my face.

Together with the other issues I’ll report separately that makes this device a no-go for me and probably quite a few others, who do not match the IPD of the headset or the three supported “nose offsets”.

Yes, the sides of the headset are quite bendy and might wrap around quite a few heads and ears, but if the eye geometry can’t be matched, that matters very little.

I’m just glad I didn’t order the corrective lenses right fromt the start, as those may not be returnable, testing with contacts instead.

Please specify at least the usable IPD range, I don’t know if there is any standard way to measure the “nose gap” range. I’d guess I’d just need an “XS” adapter or one step further from M beyond S to fit at least vertically.

I finally found out how to change the angle of the glasses against the frame temples: I’d have never dared exert that much pressure without a video showing it.

I’d have to put in contacts again to see if it solves the task bar issue (currently testing with small glasses), the IPD can’t be truely resolved but may be acceptable enough with my brain interpolating the content from both eyes: we’ll see.

I’m so sorry that the IPD is not suitable for you. Could you please tell me your IPD and head size if possible?

According to my optometrist my IPD is 68mm, or 34mm from the middle of the face for both.

AFAIK that’s just slightly above the 65mm peak for Western male IPD.

I have no idea how you’d want me to measure my head, because there is a ton of different metrics, but it may not be necessary.

With the temples bent to the upper position and the “S” nose adapter, top and bottom appear clear and it’s just the outside edges which are blurry, unless I shift the headset towards one side or another, which then makes it clearer for the respective eye.

That clearly points towards the IPD as the only remaining challenge and you should probably publish your IPD design point so people know what to expect or quite simply provide a choice.

Thanks for your IPD info and suggestions. We will try to add more info on our product page.

I seem to be having the same issue with the same PD, it is very problematic.

Is there a resolution/fix for this currently?

Oh and I did order my corrective lenses :frowning:

Some things are just hardware and surgery on your head or the glasses are the only options.

I guess in theory one could design a set of prisms, but you’d still need space for them, they’d impact visual quality, and you can’t easily 3D print precision optics, I guess.

For you, returning or reselling them would be the only option.

For Xreal, they need to think about how they’ll design future products, becasue one size simply does not fit all heads and their current size excludes rather large sections of the population.

And they just need to warm potentail customers about this!

I don’t know what my IDP is but I received my XReal Air 2 Pro yesterday and it’s clearly an issue.

I’m using the smallest nose piece. I’ve tried all three viewing angles. Not matter what, each eye is clearest nearest the nose and gets progressively blurrier towards the temple. This means that neither eye is correctly focused at any given time. I have a constant tickling or straining feeling in both eyes as if I were trying on someone’s glasses.

I have perfect vision.

Needless to say, this is incredibly disappointing. There’s no mention of this that I could find when purchasing. How difficult can it be to either design the lenses to be laterally adjustable, or to at least provide measurements at purchase.

I’m leaning towards asking for a refund. These things are going to ruin my eyes.