Xreal air 2 with Beam. Changing screen size no longer working Xreal does not connect with Switch

I received these from Amazon UK last week. It has been updated and initially, the screen size could be changed. Not any more. Also, using the provided cable the glasses do not work with the Switch oled. I removed the joypads, share the same wi fi and used the Xreal air 2 cable. I tried using the switch via the Beam but there was only a flickering image without any controls. I don’t want to send these back especially after I have just spent £100 on lenses. Any ideas anyone?

Hi, please note that the glass cannot work with the Switch OLED by direct connection, because the Switch requires a circuit trigger to enable the TV mode. By using Beam, please change the video output resolution to 1080P or Auto on your Switch OLED.

Thank you very much for the info, it works now.

UPDATE I have just discovered that it is not possible to adjust the screen size to files stored within the Beam. The Beam has to be connected to a device for this resizing to work. Maybe this will change with any future updates.

Hi, please switch to Spatial Display mode for the file reading app you installed, after that, you can change the screen size while reading files.