XReal air detected but blank screen/powered off with pinephone/linux :)


I have a pinephone running stable postmarketOS (Alpine Linux derivative) which supports DisplayPort over usb-c. I have connected the XReal Air and seen that DP is setup properly. xrandr output shows HDMI-1, the glasses, as connected and I can enable them with “xrandr --output HDMI-1 --auto” and things “seem” to work fine and yet I get no image on the glasses.

I had thought that maybe the glasses wanted more than the allowed 500 mA power but I used a usb-c to glasses y-splitter I had from viture that should provide power and that didn’t seem to help.

Any assistance would be great. The glasses work fine with Windows/MacOS/iPad.

I will try a local linux laptop as well to confirm they work there as I have seen others get working previously.

Hi, there are two possible reasons. 1. The glass requires 5V/1A power from the host device. 2. The USB driver version is incorrect.

You nailed it: 1A. The limit is currently 500mA so I will check that and see if I can increase the limit safely.

Is there a wiki page somewhere that we could contribute to where we could add details like this?


I am checking with docs and the community if I can increase the limit from 500mA.

ANX7688 USB-C HDMI bridge on PinePhone (+ USB-C PD) is the component in question and the kernel driver has the 500mA limit set.

@XREAL-dev can you imagine a setup where the 5V/1A power could come from a powerbank and not the host device? I tried using a viture usb-c charging adapter thinking it would achieve something like this but apparently it does not.