Xreal air2 did not work

I used air2 with beam for a month
To day my air2 did not display anything
Beam can connect with pc but air2 can not connect
What should I do pls recommend
Thank u

Hi, you can try to re-flash the firmware for your Air 2 glasses by the following link.

Air 2 can’t connect to pc show not found device
Beam can connect
So cannot reflash now

I understand that the Air2 was not recognized as a monitor by your PC. But it cannot also be recognized as a USB device? If so, please contact support@xreal.com for further maintenance.

After change 3-4 cable now air2 can display may the original cable something wrong. but no sound and all the buttons not working
And now it show in air2 that they try to install air2 firmware after they update Xreal Beam firmware
Any recommended to going on

After updating the firmware, please try the default cable again for display. If still showing nothing, then please try to ask the support team to replace the cable.

After update firmware and connect with original cable first system can run about 30 minutes then the display blank after that “PLEASE CONNECT YOUR GLASSES ( 101) display and blank and display Same word and can do nothing although off and on again or change another cable will be same

  • may be usb c on Beam loosen
    -or the circuit board on Beam or air2 heat up bending and broken circuit for a while
    Because after 2-3 hours may can on devices again and will happen againg

Now only Please connect your glasses (101)

I no devices to test my air2 glasses by connect directly to mobile phone to narrow problem this from Air 2 or Beam

Can your PC be used for testing the glass? If not, the only way is to return the devices to us for further check.

I test air2 with Samsung s23 can display the same as phone display and YouTube also can but no sound out
After that I instal Nebura it show that connecting with air2 but nothing when select Air space or Air cast I not familiar with program and this my first time used

Now my Air2 when plug in Beam alway update firmware after display the first page but seems like can only to 10% and take long time then show up “Please connect your glasses (102) the alarm number is different to be 102 . In case if when plug in glasses to beam and it boot up if you select and press some program to run quick enough before it updates firmware I can used it as normal accept botton on glasses not functional
May I get the address I in cast have to send devices to check
Thank you

Please contact support@xreal.com, they can help you to return the glass for check. Just for your notice: please attach this post link and tell them that the troubleshooting steps have already been done on your side.

Good news now the air2 run smoothly after try to connect with pc with usb type c which have DP mode
Air 2 display pc monitor when connect but cannot found air2 in update firmware many many times until good luck it found air2 and update
Now it run smoothly
Thank for your help disturb you long time

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Only one hours run smoothly but now cannot connect the air2
Just air2 can display pc screen but can not found and do anything with

I think the unstable signal in your glass was mostly caused by the hardware, please return your glass for further check.

i did all the steps and my air 2 pro still doesn’t work with my high end pc just sound no video

Could you please let me know the specific model of your PC? I’ll have my colleagues look into it for you.